Chain Sharpening Services

Tommy's Small Engine offers quick, precise, and affordable chain sharpening services through the utilization of our cutting edge Franzen automatic chain sharpening machine. This unit is able to sharpen an average size chainsaw chain in around four minutes time, with minimal human interaction. The machine consistently sharpens both the cutting tooth and raker at the same time, allowing for an efficient and quality edge on every chain that comes through the door. It creates an exact grind every time. No other machine will produce the accuracy & quality of cut as the Franzen automatic sharpener.

Ready for the best possible cut? Contact us today or stop in the shop.

Mower Blade Sharpening Services

Mower blades should be sharpened at least twice a season, or whenever they are damaged by rocks or sticks. Blades should be balanced every time they are sharpened. We sharpen and balance blades for makes & models of mowers.

Our lawn mower blade sharpening service includes:

  • Sharpening on a blade grinder specified for lawn mower blades
  • Balancing of lawn mower blades - Reduces vibration on the lawn mower
  • Re-Installing the lawn mower blade to the proper torque